Hear from our students

Ryan – Colorado Springs, CO

I’ve been taking Spanish lessons with Valeria for the last two years now. She is incredibly patient and caring, it’s made learning a new language so much fun! I’m so grateful to her and I truly look forward to our sessions together. Taking these lessons has helped me professionally but allowing me to be able to communicate with patients. Spanish is often spoken here in Colorado, the lessons have given me the confidence to speak! I highly recommend taking lessons and starting your journey!

Jon – Naperville, IL

I love my Spanish classes because of the instructor’s kindness, easy conversations, and the flexibility to shape each class. Thanks to these classes, I can confidently communicate in Spanish with strangers, colleagues, and friends. It has opened many doors for me personally and professionally. Highly recommended!

Jon – Miami, FL

I have taken classes with Valeria for over five years now and I have seen tremendous improvement in my Spanish. I had no previous experience in speaking Spanish prior to working with Valeria. There are several things I enjoy about my classes with Valeria. She is able to provide a curriculum that is customized to my needs based on my progression. She has always been flexible in scheduling, which has been very important to me between my work and family commitments. Lastly, I always enjoy that we spend 10-20 minutes just talking in Spanish about things going on in my life. My wife is from Guatemala, and it was important to her that I learn Spanish when we started dating. While her and her entire family speak. English, culturally they’re all more comfortable in Spanish. Classes with Valeria have benefitted me in that I’m able to hold a conversation in Spanish with my in-laws, and I can understand 90% or more as to what they are saying. It’s truly opened my eyes to a new culture, and I have so much fun truly being in the moment with my extended family in the language they are most comfortable with. Valeria’s classes have been instrumental in getting me to a place where I can connect with my extended family on another level.

Caitlin – Chicago, IL

I enjoy SO many things about my Spanish lessons with Valeria! She is such a patient and kind teacher who  tailors all lesson content and conversations to my preferences and goals for learning the language. She never makes me feel silly when I need reminders or review for certain words or concepts, and is incredibly encouraging and positive during all classes. It is incredibly convenient to work with her and she is so reliable, always sharing new lesson content immediately following a class, noting where we leave off each class, and being incredibly prompt and professional during every session. Lessons with Valeria have benefitted me because I spoke zero Spanish before working with her, and now after 3+ years of classes I feel like I am able to communicate with native speakers and am (pretty!) confident using my Spanish in real life situations.